Gattoni 2016

Model status:

This cell model was developed by Sara Gattoni and represents the rat ventricular myocyte. It reads both in OpenCell and COR and is able to produce action potentials and calcium transients at frequencies from 1 to 6 Hz.

Model structure:

A computational model of the rat electrophysiology and calcium dynamics, based on experimental measurements, has been developed.

The rat ventricular myocyte model was obtained by coupling the rat electrophysiology Pandit 2001 model with the calcium dynamics Hinch 2004 model.

We have then refitted the coupled Pandit-Hinch model. Specifically, making use of rat experiments at 37◦ C we have re-parameterized all the main currents involved in the calcium handling system: sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase, sodium calcium exchanger, calcium pump, L-type channel and ryanodine receptors. The remaining electrophysiology currents were adapted from AP and literature data. The model was tested at both the low frequency of 1 Hz and a more physiological frequency of 6 Hz, demonstrating that it is able to reproduce calcium transients, action potentials and single current measurements.

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